No bird at skyto poetry movement

nobody in soweto:

While running the Soweto marathon I came across a guy. He asked me whether everything is fine, now that we have to pass five more hills. ‘Timothy’ he said, ‘my name is Timothy.’ ‘Norbert’ was my hard breathing reply.
‘Hä’ he said, ‘hä?’. ‘My name is norbert, you know, Norbert, like No Bird. Like, in the sky, there is no bird.’
Half an our later, way down, I caught up with Timothy again, another four hills to go. ‘Hey Timothy’ I passed by. He looked at me, puzzled. ‘I know your name, I know your name.’ He touched his forefront. ‘Hallo nobody’.

Wir Poeten:Das englische Original “we poets” stammt von Nkosana Sky Radebe.
artrica on skyto poetry movement
electronikoe on skyto poetry movement
skyto poetry movement


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